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Cable strip type and tool select

Cable strip type and tool select

​About E-Grid

​Ningbo Eastern Grid Power (E-Grid) is China leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying hydraulic brake tensioners for stringing operations, ideal to allow operations to be carried out with the highest accuracy, speed and safety.

Strip typeKey wordOptional,tools
crosslinked polythene1To dissect external cableModel DDW cable jacket stripper
electric power cable .jacket and mental layerModel DBB105 versatile stripper
2To sharpen insulating layerModel DDJ110 insulation sharper,
Model DDB two purpose dele implement,
Model DDB 60 two purpose dele implement,
Model DBB105 versatile stripper,
Model DBC insulator stripper
3To cut off semi-conducting layerModel DDB two purpose dele implement
4To sharpen main insulating layerModel DDJ110 insulation sharper
Model DBB105 versatile stripper
Model DBE insulator stripper
an aerial cable5To peel middle of cableModel NP30(an aerial cable) insulated conductor stripper
6To peel the end of cableModel 40 A(an aerial cable) insulated conductor stripper .
Model 30 (an aerial cable) insulated conductor stripper .
Model DDK200 cable mental sleeve dissector
·order number :21446
·uses:to dissect cable outer sleeve and mental protective layer. Adopt BOSCH electric jumper bit ,self –design impact dissect tool .
·essential technical parameter :
1. dissect depth (mm):3~12
2. dissect speed (m/min):1
3. electric jumper bit (GBH4DFE) power (W):750
4. weight(kg):4.5
5. equip fine tool chest .
Model DDK200 cable mental sleeve dissector

Model DBB105 versatile stripper
·order number :21451
·model :DDB105
·uses :to cut off outside protective layer ,semi –conducting layer and insulating layer .the suitable cable (mm): Φ60~Φ105
·dimension (mm):410×120×240

Model DBB105 versatile stripper

Model DDJ110 insulation sharper
·order number :21454
·uses :to sharpen insulating layer conically, the sharpen conical surface have veracious shape ,operate convenient ,fast and efficaciously, select  BOSCH GSB20-2RE electronic adjustable speed churn drill as power .
·essential technical parameter
1. applicable conductor diameter (mm): Φ20~Φ50(equal with 300~1600mm3 section )
2. insulation outside diameter (mm): Φ60~Φ110
3. sharpening length (mm):100~200
4. electric drill power (w):701
5. weight (kg):35
6. equip fine toolbox .

Cable strip type and tool select

Model DDW55 cable jacket stripper
·order number :21457
·uses :applicable to strip outside jacket of single core PVC/XLPE insulation cable,
maximum section is 35KV,400m㎡,with regulating indication of incising depth
·essential technical parameter :
1. applicable cable diameter (mm):Φ18~Φ55
2. incising depth (mm):0~5
3. incising anger (°):0~90
4. weight (kg):1.4

Model DDW55 cable jacket stripper

Model DDB two purpose dele implement

Order number2145821459
Cable cutting diameter(mm)¦µ20¡«¦µ70¦µ60¡«¦µ105
Maximum cutting depth(mm)2020
Length (mm)564610
Weight (kg)33.6

uses :to cut off 110kv and below insulating layer and semi-conducting layer.

Model DDB two purpose dele implement

Model DBC insulator stripper

Order numberModelApplicable cable section (m©O)Weight (kg)

uses :to get rid of the end main insulating layer of modelYJ110kv XLPE electric power cable.

Model DBC insulator stripper

Model DBE insulation sharpene

Order numberModelApplicable rate of voltage (kv)Cable section range (m©O)Sharpening length (mm)

·uses: to sharpen the main insulating layer of cross linked polythene electric power cable .
·notes :please writing the section specification in contract clearly.

Model DBE insulation sharpene

(overhead cable ) insulated conductor stripper

Order number2148021481
Peeling depth(mm)¡Ü4
Maximum cable diameter (mm)¦µ30
Weight (kg)0.50.9

·Uses :to peel the insulating layer of an aerial cable
·notes :
1.for 21480 please writing the specification while purchasing .
2.for 21480 also can used as electrification operation .

(overhead cable ) insulated conductor stripper .
(overhead cable ) insulated conductor stripper .

Model NP20 optical fiber cable out-kin cutter
·order number :21491
·model : NP20
·peeling depth (mm):≤4
·weight (kg):1.2
· applicable cable diameter (mm): Φ8~20
·Uses: put conductor into cutter and turn the nut to penetrate the blade into a suitable depth .then pull out the cutter to break up the outer-skin .

Model NP20 optical fiber cable out-kin cutter
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We have the complete production equipments and professional production team to manage the whole process from production to packing shipment. All products will 100% test before delivery to ensure the quality.
We can supply all kinds of stringing equipment according to customers’ requirements.


1. The machines will be shipped in container.
2. We will ship the products within one month normally after receiving the payment.
3. Stock is available for standard product.


​1. We accept T/T and L/C.
2. Please send swift copy of T/T if you arrange payment by T/T.
3. Please send us the L/C draft to us before issue L/C.

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